My presentation development training began at McKinsey & Company, Inc., in 1986. Charts were still hand drawn and taped under the text lead sentences. As technological capabilities developed and grew, so did my interest providing expanded support to presenters.

I worked at the McKinsey Offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. I was recruited by the Boston Office to bring new technology and teamwork best practices to their staff. I hired production personnel, trained production personnel and consultants in team-based production best practices, established and enforced office standards for support and presentation quality, coordinated work flow, worked with different McKinsey offices to establish and promote office-to-office production standards and best practices.

I was the first telecommuter at McKinsey. We were diligent and deliberate about establishing this support option and determined to make it a success. As a result, other McKinsey offices were able to leverage the Boston Office's successful telecommuting support model.

The Boston Office also encouraged me to provide freelance support to exiting consultants until they were able to establish high-quality support in their new companies. Thus, my freelance business began. It has grown organically over the years.

When my job at McKinsey was moved to India, I became a full-time freelancer. I began to build a library of graphic resources to help me deliver efficient support to my clients. This library eventually became PowerFrameworks.

"The professional way you have been able to format our messages has made a tremendous contribution to the impact of our documents. We have come to rely on your 'touch' on our presentations."
– Special projects management consultant